Braixen ( Japanese:テールナー Teerunaa) is a fire type. It is the evolved form of Fennekin (who evolves at level 16), and evolves into Delphox at level 36.

Biology Edit

Braixen is a fox-like, two legged Pokemon. While most of its fur is yellow, it has black legs, white arms, face, and neck, and a dark orange tail tip. The fur on its checks is longer, and a small mane of white fur covers its shoulders and neck. Long, wavy tufts of dark orange fur stick out of its large ears, and its eyes and small nose are the same color. Above its legs, the fur sweeps out to either side. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on the upper jaw. Braixen keeps a stick in its tail, which it sets alight using its bushy tail fur. The flame from the twig is used for attack and communication.

In the AnimeEdit

So far, Braixen has not appeared in the anime.


Braixen is the only Pokemon with a base stat total of 407.

Braixen, Fennekin, Delphox, Vulpix, and Ninetales all are considered Fox Pokemon.


Braixen is based on a fennec fox. It also has some witch-like traits, such like the use of its stick and its broomstick-like tail.

Name Origin

Braixen may be a combination of braise( French for hot charcoal) and vixen (a female fox).

Teerunaa might be a combination of テール tail and ルナール renard (French for fox).